Save 200 Bucks a month and get to see my son's baseball games? COMPLETE BS!!!

Emily Henderson
By Emily Henderson | March 1st, 2020 10:33am
Baseball Mom, Multi-tasker, Tiger Slayer


Or so I thought...

I began desperately searching for fast ways to save a buck, so my husband and I went over our family budget with a fine-toothed comb.

Inspecting each and every line...

There really wasn't any room to work with any of our monthly bills and nothing we wanted to cut out completely...

Until we discovered that we were paying out of our ears for electricity every month.

Now, we live in Minnesota so our winters are brutal to say the least...

But my sister lives in Florida and she spends a boatload of money on keeping her house cool so I figured, if we could find a way to save money on our electric bills then we could help her save some money as well, a win-win.

I went on Google to start searching for ways to lower our electricity bill every month and we found a ton of tips & tricks that SOUNDED good, but didn't actually work.

First, we tried home insulation and that didn't move the needle on our bill...

Heck, I even got pissed off one day and went to Home Depot to buy a new unit... that was a nightmare that saw our bill go even higher every month.

Bad move!

My husband and I were sick and tired...

And on the verge of giving up until we discovered a solution completely by accident that made our electric bills plummet faster than dropping an anvil off a cliff.

It was one of the last Google articles that I read and it was explaining how hidden government programs will actually PAY YOU to go solar.

It sounded too good to be true, and I'm a very skeptical person until I read more and it started to make sense.

The government wants to incentivize certain behavior and they will offer financial incentives to get people to do what they want...

What they want is for more people to become environmentally friendly, and the best part is if you use the solar panels... you can actually build up a surplus of electricity called "excess power" that the solar panels generate.

It sounds crazy...

"Number's Don't Lie!"

I wasn't a believer until I saw our next electricity bill and it went from $192.19 to $44.37 within just 30 days!!!

3 short months later, I was being PAID $250 every single month from the "extra juice" my solar panels were producing.

It's basically PASSIVE INCOME that I make from free government program that only a handful of people even know about.

Talk about turning a nightmare into a dream haha

But an ounce of skepticism was still lingering in the back of my mind...

"Maybe I was just lucky?" or "Maybe only I could do it..."

So I tested it with my sister in Florida and within 3 weeks, her bill had dropped by 35%.

The next month, it was down 55% and she was a happy camper.

She took her family to Disney World in Orlando to celebrate and it was basically a FREE TRIP thanks to how much they saved on their electric bills!

Imagine that...

Imagine saving so much money on your electric bills that you could take your dream vacation with your friends and family and finally enjoy freedom of not worrying about the bills next month.

Financial Freedom From A Simple Idea

Now listen, I cannot guarantee that the same will happen to you.

I'd be lying and I'm just your average baseball mom from Minnesota, I have no dog in this fight and nothing to gain.

I wrote this article to help any family who is struggling financially, living paycheck-to-paycheck and looking for new ways to save a buck!

It's my way of giving back and passing it on to the next person (maybe you!)

This isn't a "get rich quick" scheme or anything like that, that's why the program is encouraged for homeowners with big energy bills!

One last thing, in order to work with a trusted partner, you have to fill out a short form...

It's nothing intrusive, but it asks house size, zip code, etc.

They provide a Free Report to help you evaluate your expected savings before you ever spend a dime!

Fill that out and see if you qualify.

If you qualify and when you begin seeing your electric bills drop month after month after month, I want you to pass it on to all of your friends and family like I did for my sister.