$5,000+ Tax Write Off Prompts USA Homeowners To Go Solar And Save Over $1,246 per Year On Utilities

Ruben Ugarte
By Ruben Ugarte | October 4th, 2019 10:39pm
Ruben is passionate about solar power and sustainability. He speaks and writes about renewable energy and contributes to the Solar blog at Ask-Solar.com.

Your Utility Provider Is Relying On Natural Gas With Year-Over-Year Price Increases. Power Your Home And Save Up To 70% On Your Utility For The Next 25 Years By Going Solar!

If you're a homeowner and even thinking about going solar, this simple checklist will help you make an educated investment decision.  

Is Going Solar Right For You?

  • Are you over-paying peak hours?
  • Are you tired of paying for AC in the summer? 
  • Are you sick of paying extra for heating in the winter? 


Advances in Solar Power Technology are helping homeowners cut their bills and save year-round. And with how cheap solar panels have become, the typical utility savings, pay for the investment within 7.5 years. That's why Over 2.1 Million Homeowners like you, have already started reaping the rewards of solar power.

Many states now have fair Net Metering Laws which benefit YOU and not your utility. This means, the energy you produce, gets sold back into the grid at fair market prices. These "credits" can then be used to power your home during the evening.

Some homeowners are even making hundreds per month by selling excess energy back into the grid! See if your zip qualifies for high expected savings:

Before You Buy, Follow This Checklist:

There are 5 "Must-Dos" when you make your solar decision:

  1. 1. Use your $5,000+ Federal Tax Write Off
  2. 2. Calculate your home's expected monthly savings using this tool before ever negotiating
  3. 3. Do you pay over $150/month on utilities? The higher your bills, the more cost effective solar is.
  4. 4. Compare at least 5 local providers - fill this out to compare quotes from multiple installers
  5. 5. Have local installers compete for bids


What Do You Do Next?

Ask Solar is committed to providing homeowners with the right knowledge to make a smart solar investment.

Homeowners should aim to pay off their investment with energy savings in 7.5 years.

When you fill out this form, you recieve a Free Report from our Ask Solar Calculator - it's an estimate that analyzes:

  • Your home's sun exposure
  • Expected energy generation in your area
  • Your expected utility bills after your solar installation
  • Local providers and tax incentives 


The free report helps you understand your expected yearly savings and connects you with our trusted network of local providers so you can start comparing quotes from multiple installers.

Tax Write Off Percentage By Year

 Solar Tax Write Off Schedule