Homeowners Saving $200/Month On Utility Bills... But Regret This 1 Thing

November 6th, 2020 11:05pm

ALERT: Read This Before Paying Your Next Utility Bill!

Josh and Julie Ainsley installed solar mid-January this year. After years of discussing "why?" ... And that's when their winter heating bill dropped by $241!

In fact... they are expecting to save over $2,455 this year alone when the summer heat drives up cooling costs.

So why were they mad? 

The Federal Solar Tax Rebate could have saved them hundreds more last year!

In fact, this is the last year the Federal rebate is at 26%. And then it drops significantly!

3 Things Homeowners Regret With Solar

"They are too expensive..."

"My energy bill isn't that much!"

"I got scammed!"

These are the common myths we hear in the industry all the time. But what are the real concerns homeowners have? We did a review, and this is what we found out: 

(1) Why didn't I install solar panels sooner?

We hear this all the time! But the reality is: This is the BEST time in history to install panels! Yes... you probably could have save $2,000 on energy last year. But did you know the cost of panels has gone down 80% since 2010?

(2) I got robbed blind... nobody told me I could shop around.

There are THOUSANDS of providers! You need to compare shoppers near you with a tool like Ask-Solar. That looks for rebates, discounts, and reliable & cheap installers close to you!

(3) My home was in a terrible location for solar!

Did you know this free report gives you a detailed analysis of how much solar energy different systems will create to power your home? 

Better yet, it gives you a powerful estimate of how much solar panels could save you on energy costs this year based on location, zip code, and your current energy costs!